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Martin Kerr

1 JULY 2024

7:00pm @ Centennial Park Olds

Martin Kerr immerses listeners in his real-time experiences, infusing his music with keen observations and raw emotions. With a blend of folk instrumentation and indie production, he crafts singalongs that magnetically draw audiences into his embrace. Beyond captivating crowds as a street performer in 35 countries, he’s shared the stage with everyone from Sarah McLachlan to Dermot Kennedy and Walk Off The Earth.
Through his EP "After The Apocalypse," Kerr delves into themes of resilience and hope amid life's turmoil. Kerr's lyrics, ranging from plain spoken to poetic, invite listeners to reflect on their own lives. Unapologetically authentic, he embraces imperfection and challenges conventional notions of success. Through his music, Kerr seeks to inspire self-acceptance and unity, offering solace and solidarity to his audience.  

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